ETI Focus:
Green Energy Production

Consumers and Governments worldwide are looking for solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. Increasing environmental damage awareness has driven various technological developments and improvements when it comes to energy production. ETI focuses on reseraching and implementing these modern technologies to produce true, green energy and reusable bi-products.

ETI Mission:
Minimal Environmental Impact

Many current technologies claim to produce green energy. However, most of these processes require consumable imputs that are not renewable or they utilize inputs that compete with food crop production. It is ETI's mission to use technologies with minimal impact and/or improvement on the current environment. Hence, ETI has partnered with Expander Energy to pursue various BTL (Biomass-to-Liquid) projects that utilize waste biomass to produce clean, fossil free bio-fuels.

Recent News

  • Sep. 2023Cielo Waste Solutions Announces Asset Purchase Agreement w/ Expander Energy to Deploy Market Ready Technology for Production of Low Carbon Renewable Synthetic Fuel
  • May. 2023Expander Technologies Inc. featured in a news article in Canadian Biomass Magazine "Expander Energy, IMG Industries establish new cleantech company in Penticton, BC"
  • Mar. 2023Expander Technologies Inc. (previously named Airtechnic Canada Inc.) has been successfully registered and certified as an Eligible Business Corporation under BC’s Small Business Venture Capital Act.

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